Search Engine Optimisation

I work with clients long term; helping Winners win more by turning websites into powerful marketing tools that support their businesses.

SEO is a long term strategy, Clients that engage my services are typically looking at a 12-18 month investment.

By working directly with business owners via monthly strategy calls, I can ensure my services are a profitable investment for their business. In these calls they can ask questions, go over my reports and discuss upcoming work. You'll be completely aware of what I'll be doing every step of the way.

Everything is tracked, measured and provided in a monthly report along with my itemised work completed.

I place strong emphasis on what matters to businesses the most: increasing revenue.
I don't use lock in contracts of any sort, you simply pay as you go. Consequently, many clients choose to work with me for the long term and recognise working with me is an investment, not an expense.

My Rates

I like to be upfront about my rates, so I can save your time and mine. I’m here to build a relationship with your business and help it succeed in the long term. Think of my prices as an investment, not an expense.

Before you call

  • I want to work with passionate business owners that understand the importance of a long term strategy for Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Every month I'll need about an hour or two of your time for our strategy meeting to achieve the best results. I'll be in constant communication with you and require regular feedback and direction. You know your business better than I, so I'll need time to extract that knowledge from you and reflect that in my work.
  • SEO is a long term investment. If you expect results overnight; I can't help you. I want to work with established businesses that plan to invest for the long term success of their business.

Our first phone call

If you call me, I'll make sure you're aware of my rates and ask some basic questions about your business - this is to determine if SEO is a good strategy for your business. I'm not interested in taking on clients I can't generate a positive Return on Investment for.

I'll learn more about your business, namely, to identify the direction you want to take the business, where's the money in your industry, and what you've done in terms of digital marketing.

If I think we'll be a great match I'll ask for a few days to audit your website and prepare a presentation.

The presentation

I'll need about 40 minutes of your time to cover a sales presentation so you can learn more about me, my processes, and the results I've produced previously.

I'll be talking about:

  • My past experience and results
  • My process and why I'm different to other SEOs
  • A quick audit of your site to show you where your website is at, where you need work and recommendations
  • Long term Strategy & Pricing.

Moving forward and measuring results

I start setting up conversion tracking codes on your website to measure the number of phone calls, sales and email enquiries to your business. This is all tracked online and will be included in your monthly report.

I also work with you (or your business manager) to confirm you've closed all the leads and to confirm if my figures align with your accounts.

Fast forward 12 months, you'll have 12 reports in your lap. I aim to increase my KPI's over the long term. You'll have the information in your lap and you can decide how big of an impact I've had on your business.