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Helping Accountants attract high value clients through SEO

I’m interested in working with exceptionally energetic accountants running established accounting firms who want to grow their business, and see marketing as an essential investment. I work with businesses of all sizes, mainly here in Australia but occasionally work with organizations abroad.

In order for your business to grow you need to market your brand to new customers on a continual basis. Being found in via an Organic Search is crucial in attracting new visitors to your website, which in turn can potentially attract a multitude of viable high quality prospects every month.

Clients search google for solutions to common business problems. Software providers tell clients they can do it all themselves and that they need accountants less and less.

How is your website conveying your unique value proposition to your prospective clients?

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How can the SEO services that I provide help your business

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Why you should work with me

I place an emphasis on revenue, not rankings. Instead of reports full of meaningless technical jargon, I focus on helping you attract customers and generate sales.

See below few more reasons why you should work with me –

  • I specialise in SEO for Insurance brokers
  • I don’t work with competing insurance brokers. If you sign up, you’ll be working with me exclusively
  • I only work with a small collection of insurance brokers. This is to ensure I provide massive value. I’m strictly about quality, not quantity.
  • My clients typically stay with me for years. Many of my clients have been with me for 5 years or longer
  • I respect my clients. They’re not just another “number” in the queue
  • You will know with absolute certainty that you’re getting a positive Return On Investment, because I track and measure every sale & enquiry from the website.
  • I do the job right. I provide the highest quality SEO services currently on offer in this industry

I would encourage you to book a free strategy session with me to see how I can help grow your Insurance brokerage.

My SEO services are ideal for accountants

  • who are generalists wanting to attract more clients through organic search
  • who are niche specific firms that may not be receiving enough search traffic or enquiries towards a specific industry
  • that are looking to expand their online presence, grow their practices and build their customer base
  • that are looking to niche down and attract specific clients
  • who would like to reduce their paid advertising expenses
  • that are large practices with a number of offices who need search marketing assistance

If you’re the owner of a well established accountancy practice, then this service is for you. Give me a call today to see how I can help.

  • Successfully book more calls and consultations leading to more long term customers.

  • Attract targeted leads for the long term for FREE once your SEO is established

  • Target people who are actively searching for bookkeeping services, and are ready to commit-rather than bombard the wrong people with unwanted ads

  • Develop an edge over your competitors for a larger share of the marketplace

  • Reduce your advertising spend, especially if you are already placing costly ads in highly competitive markets

  • Build trust and credibility with potential customers by focussing on providing relevant and timely content and making your website a desirable resource. In this way, your business will continually attract visitors whether it’s from Google, Bing or some other new search engine. Such content will keep visitors coming back and referring their friends and associates month after month.

SEO Pricing

I like to be upfront about my rates, so I can save your time and mine. I’m here to build a relationship with your business and help it succeed in the long term. Think of my prices as an investment, not an expense.
  • No lock in Contracts

    Pay as you go.
  • 12 Hours per month

    All campaigns run at a minimum of 12 hours per month, add more hours to speed up your campaign
  • $175/Hr

    Paying month to month, my hourly rate is $175 per hour.

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