Choosing the right web designer for your business

Not all websites are created equal.

There are many differences between a good website and a bad website, and unless you hire the right company, you may quite well end up losing money rather than making it.

Good Websites vs. Bad Websites

Beneath the surface, there are many key differences between a good vs. bad website. Your goal should be to avoid the pitfalls at all costs.

Bad websites;

  • Take forever to load
  • Difficult to navigate
  • No clear call to actions
  • Contact information hard to find
  • Link structure all over the place
  • Meta titles aren’t filled out
  • Doesn’t work on Mobile devices
  • Can’t be found on search engines

Good websites;

  • Load quickly
  • have a clear navigation
  • Clear call to actions
  • Contact information is clearly visible
  • Designed specifically for mobiles
  • Visible on search engines
  • are conversion focused

Why pay more for your website?

Initially, you may feel you don’t need to pay top dollar and the cost of a budget website might seem like the most cost-effective option. There are plenty freelancers and businesses out there who will be more than happy charging $500 to knock up a half-decent looking website. So why would you pay more?

Some web designers will just “assemble” your website. Meaning they can take a vague idea and turn it into your online billboard that might as well be sitting at the depths of the ocean. This may be a cheaper option, but you’re stuck with a website that doesn’t work very well and whilst you might get lucky and have James Cameron visit you in a submarine; your website is going to bring in little to no new enquiries to your business.

I’ve also dealt with plenty of business owners who tried to save money by hiring their family member or friend to build them a cheap website. Quite often this friend or family member underestimates the amount of work involved and this sort of short sightedness usually ends up costing the business money in the long term.

You eventually realise that it doesn’t deliver new leads and sales. Then you’ll likely end up having to waste more time and money on Pay Per Click advertising which sends your website back into obscurity once your budget runs out.

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Be careful with “budget pricing”. Unusually low prices often mean you’ll get shoddy workmanship, an unpleasant experience or they’ll bill you by the hour for minor little changes.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for!

Below, I’ve broken down the key areas of what I do so you can see how I am different.

I spend time understanding you

Before I start designing your website I’d like to fully understand your business and your clients’ needs. I need to understand your industry, reverse engineer your competitors and find out where you’re positioned within the market. Doing this allows me to build your business a website that is informative to visitors and builds trust with new clients.

Without spending the time to fully understand your business, how can anyone ensure your new website is tailored around your business and your clients’ needs?

I see a lot of websites that perform badly and never generate a return on investment because they skip this first step. They rush straight into the design stage without doing the research first.

I’ll advise you along the way

After the research stage, I begin to create your website with your end goal in mind –increasing sales. I create websites that do what you need them to. And in order to do this, I’ll be completely honest in my approach and suggestions.

I will say when I think something won’t work, based on my many years’ experience of building websites that convert. At the end of the day the decision is up to you, however I find my clients value our partnership highly, and the joint effort it takes to reach their goals.

I’ll also advise you how to get the most out of your site. A website shouldn’t exist in a vacuum! It should be organic and ever-growing. I can assist this with an ongoing long term SEO strategy.

As I said before, this is a partnership. So I’m here to advise you on what I feel is the best course of action.

My help and advice have allowed my previous clients to see a dramatic uplift in traffic and revenue.

Every website I build is customised to your business

I build all my websites to suit each client, that’s specifically designed around their business and theirs alone. It’s tailored in a way that speaks directly to their target audience to keep them engaged.

Your new website will do the selling for you.

Your website has a job to do. It’s all well and good having a “pretty” website but it needs to generate sales.

I’ll design your website with a specific purpose in mind. I’ll take the information from my research and build your website out in a way that speaks directly to your target market. I will then use call to actions throughout your website to encourage your leads to take the next step with you.

This is the best way to convert more of your visitors into enquiries and sales.

Other web designers might not take the time to build a conversion-focused website. Just a pretty billboard online at the bottom of the ocean if anyone’s lucky to find it and you’ll likely be missing out on valuable leads and sales.

I build your website with search engines in mind

If you want to be found online, basic search engine optimisation is often treated as an afterthought. I have extensive experience with search engine optimisation (SEO), and we’ll need to be very careful when creating your new website to ensure it’s built to be search engine friendly.

Before Google even thinks about listing you high up on the search results, they will want to see your website meets certain criteria.

There are so many important factors that can impact your search engine rankings such as:

  • URL Structure
  • Page Headings
  • Meta titles
  • Image file names
  • Page load speed
  • etc

Some other agencies will not consider search engine requirements when building your website and you could end up paying for it later.

I show you the progress as I go

Throughout the process of building your website, I’ll send you regular updates. You’ll get Loom videos and screenshots so you can see what I’ve been up to since we spoke last. This is my way of keeping you in the loop in between our catch up calls, this way if you don’t like something, I don’t have to go over it again once the project is complete.

Let’s Talk!

I’m sure after reading this you’ll be able to understand why I charge more than other web design companies.

The process I use to build your website is proven to work.

No matter what industry you’re in, I’ll need to go through exactly the same steps to create a website and follow a long term SEO strategy that works FOR your business rather than against you.

This process takes time which is what is often left out by budget website providers.

Over the years, My help and advice have allowed my previous clients to see a dramatic uplift in traffic and revenue and I’ve realised that it’s my dedication that makes the biggest difference. The time and focus it takes to build your website is ultimately what will make it successful.

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